Suave, Semi-Picante, Picante: Creating Relevance, Reach and Buy-in for Technology Professional Development

Technology is restructuring the way we facilitate learning and the way students engage, connect, construct, and create with information.  Technology integration is a challenge for every school and is redefining what is relevant in the classroom.  How can you get your staff to integrate technology?  The answer is professional development.  In-house free professional development that is meaningful and that improves teaching and learning.  In this session you will learn how Google tools can help to facilitate relevance, reach, and buy-in for technology professional development in your school.  From using Google Forms as a professional development tracker or Google Sites as a professional development promotional tool to using Doctopus as a digital notebook or Flubaroo for informal formative assessments, this session has something for everyone.  

This collaborative session will have us sharing ideas across the board.  Join the conversation!

Joseph D. Harper
Technology Integration / Teacher
Colegio Nueva Granada